Suspect Identified, Wanted For Destruction & Inciting Riot, Investigators Say

Wednesday, June 17th 2020, 10:42 pm
By: Sylvia Corkill

New video shows the destruction of a downtown Oklahoma City business last month during violent protests.

The suspect is now wanted for inciting a riot.

While the video shows several people participating in the destruction only one person currently is facing charges.

“Rest in peace CJ’s Bail Bondsman!!!! 

The crime was streamed live on social media.

Video shows rioters lighting a Molotov cocktail and throwing it through the windows of CJ's Bailbonds in downtown Oklahoma City on May 30.

“We need a lighter! We need a lighter! burn CJ’s!” said one rioter.

“They're celebrating the destruction of my office,” said owner of CJ’s Bailbonds Carole Knight.

Knight said she and her husband were alerted immediately.

After 25 years in business they were left shocked and disgusted.

“We help people that make bad choices and they get arrested. This guy is going to go to jail, and we won’t help him,” said Knight.        

Malachai Davis, now wanted on a string of charges including terrorism is seen in the video, in the stripe shirt, punching out a window before flashing brass knuckles and a bloody hand at the camera.

“It’s absolutely sickening you look at it and you go what is wrong with people…” said Knight.

Court documents show after Davis learned he was wanted his grandmother filed for a protective order and said Davis was treated for a wound to his arm that required "36 stitches"

The grandmother also said Davis later called his mother via FaceTime and that his mother told him "stop crying money talks and momma has money go smoke a joint."

“How about you pony up some money to help me pay for the mess that you left me,” said Knight.

Insurance won't cover the damaged windows.

Knight will have to foot a $9,000 bill.