Four Injured In Crash On H.E. Bailey Turnpike In Grady County

Friday, June 12th 2020, 4:09 pm

Four people were injured early Friday after an ambulance crashed into a tollbooth on the H.E. Bailey Turnpike in Grady County.

Three people were in the ambulance and one in the tollbooth.

"The ambulance driver continued. There was no breaking; the vehicle was not traveling in the emergency mode, so no lights and sirens, or anything like that," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. Kera Phillippi.

The ambulance was traveling eastbound on the H.E Bailey Turnpike and continued to go through the tollbooth.

"There is a portion of it that will give away when a vehicle strikes it, and then on the other side is a concrete barrier," Phillippi said.

It is set in place to cushion a crash preventing further damages to the car and the structure.

"Stuff like that can happen. That is why they do prepare for things," Phillippi said.

As for the four injuries, the driver and passenger of the ambulance have both been treated and released. The second passenger is in serious condition and being treated. The toll booth attendant was treated and released.

"Our concern is for them," said Tim Gatz of Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

Gatz said they will evaluate the tollbooth structure and make sure it is safe before reopening the facility to the traveling public.

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