Oklahoma County Deputies, Protesters Kneel Together

Monday, June 1st 2020, 7:01 am

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputies and Black Lives Matter protesters showed their support for each other in a moment of solidarity at the Sheriff’s Office Sunday evening.

One protester said it was their way to set an example for demonstrators across the country.

“They’re going to take a knee, and we’re going to take a knee. And we’re gonna show how this s**** is really supposed to go,” said an anonymous demonstrator.

As deputies and protesters dropped to their knees, demonstrators could be heard saying “Yes! We are slowly changing!” and “This is overwhelming. I could cry!”

The deputies also led the group in prayer over a megaphone.

Not all thought this was a genuine act. One demonstrator told our crews on scene that the kneeling wasn’t enough and was just a show for the News cameras.

“They wanna make a show, like as if they actually have something to offer but that’s not enough. That’s not enough,” the protester said. “Kneeling for a couple seconds when the news shows up is not enough for the amount of lives that have been taken.”

 In a tweet, the Sheriff’s office said they respect the right to peacefully protest and everyone’s voice deserves to be heard.