Suspect Claims Marijuana Plants Growing In SW OKC Backyard Were Found During Dumpster Diving

Friday, May 22nd 2020, 4:56 pm


Suspected drug dealers claimed their marijuana plants came from dumpster diving behind a local dispensary, according to an Oklahoma City police report. The plants were discovered on Thursday growing in the backyard of a home near Southwest 19th and South Agnew Avenue.

Police were called to the home after a neighbor heard yelling coming from the backyard.

“There was not an actual domestic,” said Sgt. Brad Gilmore, Oklahoma City Police Department. “There was a verbal disagreement that got loud.”

Officers encountered Ashlee Blindy, 29, and her boyfriend Damien Aldaco, 29, in a shed behind the home. While speaking to the couple, the officers noticed “a gallon sized Ziplock baggie with marijuana inside" in the shed.

Aldaco gave the officers permission to look around the shed and the property. They noted in the report there were “eleven small clear plastic baggies with marijuana inside them," along with glass jars full of marijuana, labels, a grocery bag of weed and “empty black tube containers used to hold marijuana."

The officers discovered more evidence when they walked behind the shed.  

“Officers noticed several marijuana plants,” said Gilmore. “So obviously an investigation began.”

Fifteen plants in all were growing in the ground and in flowerpots. Aldaco told the officers he and his girlfriend went dumpster diving behind a dispensary near the Stockyards and that was where the plants came from.

“Whether that’s true or not that will be investigated,” said Gilmore. “None of them had their medical marijuana cards so they were arrested and taken to the Oklahoma County Jail.”

Police also arrested Aldaco's brother, 33-year-old Jose Gonzalez. Police said Gonzalez denied owning any of the plants.

Police said this is an ongoing investigation. The Oklahoma County district attorney will determine if the suspects will face criminal charges.