1 Injured In Stabbing, Another Dead After Police Shooting Nearby In SW OKC

Monday, January 6th 2020, 2:54 am
By: Ashley Holden

Oklahoma City Police shot and killed one person after officers said he threatened them as they investigated a nearby stabbing.

Police said it all started when the suspect involved in the stabbing, Carter Hickerson, got in an argument with a women at The Studio Motel 6 near I-40 and Meridian. 

Officers said that led to the stabbing and an Amber Alert. 

Police believed Hickerson had the women's child with him and had even threatened to hurt the child if police got involved.

OKC Police issued an Amber Alert until they could safely locate the child, but it turns out the child was never kidnapped. He was eventually found safe at a home in Midwest City. 

Hickerson has not been arrested yet and is still on the run. He's described as average height, bald and and was last seen wearing a blue shirt with black Adidas sweatpants.

As police were investigating the stabbing scene and looking for Hickerson, they found another man, now identified as 50-year-old Samuel Lanham, in the area with a knife. Lanham was unrelated to the original scene but did not listen to officer's instructions to put his "military style knife" down.

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A spokesperson for the Oklahoma City Police Department Capt. Larry Withrow said officers tried using tasers and bean bag rounds, but Lanham still didn't listen. 

Capt. Withrow said Lanham eventually made an advance at an officer.

"Several officers fired their weapons," said Capt. Withrow. "I do not have a count on the number of shots that were fired or how many times the subject was struck at this time."

Police said Officers Bradley Pemberton, Nathan Ross, Daniel Reedy, Moises Avelar and Austin Meredith were involved in the shooting. 

Lanham was taken to the hospital where he later died. 
None of the officers were injured, but they will be placed on administrative leave.