Teen Makes Care Packages For Hospital Workers

Wednesday, May 13th 2020, 9:23 am
By: CBS News

We’re hearing stories about people around the country coming together to help each other during the coronavirus pandemic. This one is about a teenager from Norwell, Massachusetts who wants to make sure health care workers on the front lines feel appreciated.

19-year-old Kenzie Higgins puts together care packages for hospital workers at Massachusetts General Hospital. “I just wanted to give materials, and pampering items, and little snack items to just make them feel more appreciated and make their day just a little bit easier and a little more feeling loved, I guess,” she said.

She was inspired by her aunt, Lauren Antoine, a radiology tech at the hospital. Kenzie said, “It was tough to see my aunt come home to her two girls and really have a tough day with corona and with having the mask on all day, and just be super tired.”

Kenzie collects donations from the community. She says she sanitizes everything before making the care packages. Once the baskets are done, her aunt brings them to work. Lauren says, “Sometimes it's chocolate. Sometimes it's an energy bar. Sometimes it's been, you know, personal care products, lotions, chapstick, stuff like that. And whatever has been donated has been so well appreciated.”

Kenzie is thrilled, “I've heard that the baskets are emptying so fast, which makes me feel like I'm actually helping.”