Suspect Vehicle Rolls Over, Continues On Before I-35 Pursuit Ends With 2 In Custody

Monday, May 11th 2020, 9:33 pm

Two people are taken into custody following a wild police chase that started in McLoud and ended in Del City at Interstate 35 and Reno Avenue.

Jim Gardner and Bob Mills SkyNews 9 were over the scene

According to McLoud police, they were watching a known drug house when they attempted to stop a pickup.

“They took off from the get go,” said McLoud Police Chief Wesley Elliott.

With Floyd Grass behind the wheel and a female passenger along for the ride, Elliott said with no signs of stopping, other jurisdictions were alerted.

“We notified Del City, Midwest City, Oklahoma City prior to, they had most of the intersections blocked,” said Elliott.

Once on the interstate, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol closed in-clipping the pickup as it reached speeds of 70 mph.

“OHP did the TVI, the pit maneuver where they hit the wall, the vehicle then rolled once,” said Elliott.

But despite rolling over Grass managed to get the truck back on the road and keep going.

“Thought the pursuit was over right there but obviously they come back on all four wheels,” said Elliott.

But Elliott was forced to fall back after driving through the wreckage.

“I got a flat tire and had to pull over and have an emergency pit crew change my tire,” said Elliott.

The truck managed to clear more than 20 miles, but that crash meant it could not go much farther and Grass ended up surrendering at I-35 and Reno.

“The driver said he was experiencing some kind of mechanical problems. One of the troopers was talking to him across the PA system and told him to just let it roll to the side of the road,” said OHP Cpt. Paul Timmons.

According to OHP, a gun was recovered from the pickup, no word if it checked back stolen.