Thursday AM Poll / Majority Of Oklahomans’ Employment Unaffected By Coronavirus Pandemic

Wednesday, April 29th 2020, 5:15 pm
By: News 9


About 73% of Oklahomans’ employment was not affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to an exclusive News 9 poll.

The poll was conducted by SoonerPoll for News 9 from April 22 to 27 and the sampled 600 residents in the News 9 viewing area.

According to the poll, 17.4% of Oklahomans are working full-time and unaffected by the coronavirus at their place of employment, 24% are working full-time unaffected by the coronavirus from home and 4.4% of Oklahomans are working part-time unaffected by the coronavirus, either on site or at home.

About 22% of Oklahomans surveyed are retired and 5.2% said they were students.

About 1.7% said they were unemployed before the start of the pandemic but have a job now.

Of those surveyed, 4.3% said they were working reduced hours from a once full-time job because of coronavirus, 6.2% said they were laid-off or furloughed because of coronavirus but expect to return to the same job at some point, and 2.5% said they were let go or were terminated from the job because of coronavirus and will be looking for a different job at some point.

About 3.4% said they were unemployed before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but not a student, and still unemployed. About 8.9% said other.

More than 61% said they described time spent at home during the pandemic as being enjoyable to an extent. More than 18% said there was no difference. More than 20% said it was stressful in some degree.

The margin of error for News 9’s exclusive poll is +/- 4%.