Art Class For Homeschool A Way To Teach Gratitude

Monday, April 27th 2020, 5:37 pm

EDMOND, Okla. -

It’s a way to get those creative juices flowing, to get off screens, and to just get outside: sidewalk art. It's art class for homeschool.

But what if it could be much more? 

“So it all started with my neighbor. She is a nurse at a local hospital, and seeing her first-hand go through it: 1, as a nurse, and 2, as a mom; it really struck me that this is affecting so many more people," said Michele Hayes.

She and News 9’s Bobbie Miller agreed they should use their time (there's plenty of that now) and their energetic kids to say "thank you."

And then they decided, why not keep the party going and invite others?

“Their kids were eager to say, 'thank you,' because their parents have filled them in on that lesson of our healthcare workers,” Hayes said.

They are dedicating their art to the gowned and the masked working long shifts.

“Moms and dads aren’t at home with their kids right now. They are at the hospitals taking care of these people.”

And teaching their children one lesson in particular: gratitude.