Volunteer Raises $30,000 To Help Nashville Community After Deadly Tornado

Friday, March 6th 2020, 11:17 am
By: CBS News

Tornadoes ripped through Tennessee on Tuesday, killing at least 25 people. But the storms had barely left the state when thousands began stepping forward to help. 

One of those people is organizer Erin Oprea. Hours after a tornado hit her Nashville neighborhood, the former Marine sergeant began mobilizing volunteers. 

The celebrity trainer took to the streets and started a GoFundMe page. So far, it's raised more than $30,000, which Oprea said she'll give to neighbors. 

Those neighbors include Terry Warren, whose home was destroyed by the tornado. Now, Warren sleeps in his car — just feet away from Oprea's mobile operation. 

"It was like a miracle. They were there when I needed them," Warren said, adding, "Make me feel good inside just to see people like that helping me — but the best of it all makes me know there is a God." 

But it won't just take goodwill to heal. It will also take time. 

"I think the biggest thing I'm starting to realize that things that's really bothering me is that it will never be the same," Oprea said, adding, "But everybody's in it together, is helping one another."

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