Oklahomans Prepare For Winter Weather - Just In Case

Monday, January 9th 2017, 10:59 pm
By: News On 6

Emergency Management experts are monitoring the weather - looking ahead to our possible ice storm this weekend. They say if your family does not have an emergency plan in place, now's the time.

Experts say, even though the next few days are going to be nice and warm, don't be deceived. Instead, we should be prepared.

Cher Miller will never forget the December 2007 ice storm.

"The neighborhood just looked like a bomb hit it," said Tulsa resident Cher Miller.

She and her neighbors in the White City neighborhood near 3rd and Yale had no power for a week and a half. Other Tulsans were out for nearly a month.

"Nobody will forget the sound of gunfire, is what it sounded like, going off, as the trees broke all around us," Miller said.

WARN Team Weather

Cher and her family are now well prepared, should history repeat itself.

"You know, some women buy lots of shoes, I buy coolers," she said.

And experts say now is the time to get a plan in place if you don't have one already - just in case severe weather strikes this weekend.

"Plan on living in your house for about a week without electricity, so how are you going to stay warm? How are you going to preserve your food?" said Roger Jolliff, Tulsa Emergency Management director.

Public Service of Oklahoma says it's working closely with its meteorologists and the National Weather Service, getting daily briefings on this possible storm. It's prepared to call in extra crews from outside the Tulsa area - if needed.

Hopefully, that won't be necessary.

"If we're spared from this event, fantastic. We'll all be happy about it," Jolliff said. "But your time will be well-spent to get your family ready now to increase your changes of surviving this and surviving it in a comfortable way."

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