Products shed light on 5 o'clock shadow

Thursday, May 1st 2008, 7:47 pm
By: News 9

By Amy Lester, NEWS 9

Shaving can be a rough experience for men who suffer from razor burn, ingrown hairs and sprouting stubble. Some new shaving products promise to slow the hair growth and push back the five o'clock shadow.

"When I shave, it usually takes about 20 minutes and that time really cuts into my mornings," Anthony Pilowa said.

Pilowa said he shaves everyday and by mid-afternoon his five o'clock shadow is out in full force.

"My face would feel like sand paper," Pilowa said. "I always felt unprofessional."

Brian Boye of Men's Health magazine said potions and after-shaves are the newest trend in men's grooming habits.

"They come from brands like Lab Series, Clarins, brands that guys are really familiar with and use every day," Boye said.

The products moisturize the face, making skin smoother and allowing for a more comfortable shave, Boyle said. The potions and treatments promise to slow beard growth or make the hair finer, allegedly allowing for fewer shaves.

Pilowa was skeptical at first, but gave the products a try.

"When I first started using it, I didn't notice much of a difference," Pilowa said. "After I had been using it about a week, I really could tell."

The products rely on a variety of natural fruit and plant extracts, and dermatologists like Debra Jaliman believe they're helping soothe the struggle men have with the scruff.

"Instead of having to shave twice a day or maybe every day, some people can get away with shaving every other day," said Jailman. "The minute you stop using them, the effect goes away."

Pilowa said he's hooked on the products and has already recommended his shaving solution to his friends.