Canterbury Set To Present 'Multi-Sensory' Performance

Thursday, March 8th 2012, 6:53 pm
By: News 9

Canterbury Choral Society has a long history of memorable performances.  What if they added LED lighting, graphics, and projectors?    

This season's concerts have featured acclaimed guitarist Edgar Cruz, flamenco dancers, and Canterbury's popular Christmas concert.  This weekend's show promises to be a multi-media, multi-sensory event.

"Audience members are gonna actually get to have the opportunity to experience the sound in other ways than just hearing it," said Jason Grife.  Grife is Canterbury's Director of Community Relations.  "There's actually going to be visuals, lighting, graphics going on during the concert that will immerse the concert by bringing it off the stage and into the audience."

Canterbury Choral Society has partnered with Phonak, a Swiss-based hearing organization to promote awareness of hearing loss detection and treatment.  Celebrities like Annie Lennox, Michael Buble, and Josh Groban serve as ambassadors for Phonak's cause.

Saturday's concert will provide patrons not only a sensory experience, but a learning one as well.  The Civic Center's lobby will become a backdrop for information and resources about hearing loss and treatment. 

"There are gonna be three exhibits, hands-on experiences from Science Museum Oklahoma where they can learn more about sounds and acoustics," Grife said. 

"EXPERIENCES WITH SOUND" will be presented on Saturday, March 10.  For more info, visit