Home Security System Helps Police Identify Burglars

Friday, April 20th 2012, 5:49 pm
By: News 9

Police are crediting a home security system for the arrests of two alleged burglars who have been hitting homes in northwest Oklahoma City over the past few weeks.

The homeowner says his alarm and surveillance cameras kept his family safe.

"We were a little freaked out by it ourselves," said homeowner Kevin Henry. "I've had security for years and years and never had a problem."

Dozens of homes were burglarized around Henry's neighborhood, but it was his cameras that caught the man allegedly responsible for nearly two dozen break-ins, 23 year old Dwayne Blonner.

The surveillance footage shows the suspect walking around the property until he reached a side door that was unlocked. He tripped the alarm when he opened the door, then ran away from the scene. 

"Burglars nowadays are very bold," explained security expert Ed Lyon. "They're breaking in during the day."

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Lyon had previously set up Henry's security system and repaired it just before the break-in occurred. With 35 years in the business he has seen too many families become victims of theft because they aren't proactive.

"This last holiday season there were about 10 people that we put security systems in that it was after the fact," Lyon said.

Lyon suggests that home security systems have a loud deterrent siren to scare off would-be thieves. He recommends choosing an alarm system that would also keep your home safe, whether you were home or not. Not only can the systems help against crime, but many can monitor for fires and other threats to your home as well.

"The best type of a security system is a monitored security system," explained Lyon. "That way we're going to get a signal to the central station so we can get some help out there."

That was exactly what happened when this burglar tried to break-in to Henry's home.

"It's dangerous," said Henry. "In fact, the most valuable possessions you have in your home are your lives. So spending a little money to protect hat is definitely worth it."

Police actually arrested two men allegedly involved in the series of break-ins over the last couple of weeks. They do not believe the men worked together, but say they had very similar burglary plans. The surveillance video from Henry's house helped identify one of those suspects.