OKC Family Shocked After Pipe Bomb Discovered Near Home

Thursday, October 24th 2013, 6:41 pm
By: News 9

A family still on edge tonight after a 10-year-old boy makes a shocking discovery in the yard across the street.

The family doesn't want to be identified, but the little boy says when he saw something silver shining in the grass Wednesday night on a bike ride, but he never thought it was explosive.

"Sticks, leaves, that's all I ever find," said one northwest OKC boy.

That was until Wednesday night when the 10-year-old boy saw something unusual by a brick walk in the grass across the street from his home on North Nesbitt Ave. around 6 p.m.

"I was riding my bike up and down the street and then I saw a silver piece, and there was blue [duct] tape on top of it, so I picked it up and took it to my mom," the boy said.

His mom was nearby sitting on their front porch and became suspicious of the small item, she says looked like a cigar holder. So a neighbor came by and said it looked like an explosive.

"We sat it down in the middle of the yard and called 911 and then everyone came out and look at it," the boy's mom said. "The bomb squad came, and said yes it was a pipe bomb, right across the street where all the kids play every day."

The boy's mom said they'd been living in their home for eight years and never saw anything like a bomb before.

"Wow, it was really real and we all had it in our hands and were holding it and it had been sitting in the sun all day long so it was pretty scary to think it was right across the street," she said.

The family says they don't know how the small explosive ended up in the grass, but the mom warns others never to pick up anything that looks suspicious.

"Sometimes you don't think to tell your kids to do that until they find something dangerous," she says.

Oklahoma City Police and bomb technicians were on scene for three hours as they put the explosive inside a box to destroy it. Police say it looked like a CO2 cartridge with tape holding a fuse from the end.