Police Hope To Get To Bottom Of Burglary Outbreak In Spencer

Thursday, November 14th 2013, 5:25 pm
By: News 9

A rash of break-ins along in northeast Oklahoma City has police asking the public to be on high alert for anything suspicious in the area of N.E. 59th Street and Douglas.

About a half-dozen burglaries have been reported in that area during the past six weeks. Luckily for some homeowners, tips about the suspects have been reported to the Spencer Police Department because of key pieces of evidence.

"They kicked this door in," explained Jim Buchannan, whose workshop was broken into three times recently. "There's one old tools set here they left me. But it was sitting at the back door. They were going to take it, it was sitting at the back door and I don't know what happened, they didn't get it out."

The thieves tried to hot wire his riding lawn mower and stole dozens of tools worth more than $2,000, but Buchannan's case might get solved. His newly installed surveillance cameras caught the thieves in action.

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Just up the road from Buchannan, another suspect was caught in the middle of a break-in. Spencer Police Chief Virgil Green explained that more and more people have been installing security camera systems and in his opinion, the investment is worth it.

"Systems are not [too] expensive. You can go out to Home Depot or you can go to Sam's and get something for about $300. That is going to give you good high-quality cameras that you can place around your property," said Green.

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Green added that in both cases, police have received good leads about who these suspects are. For Buchannan, the stolen tools don't bother him as much as knowing some crooks violated his space.

"I hope they catch them. I really hope they get them."

Anyone with information on the men in the security camera footage should call them at (405)771-3798.