Shadid Divorce Records Claim Drug Use, Abusive Behavior

Friday, December 20th 2013, 7:10 pm
By: News 9

Allegations of drug use and abusive behavior have been revealed in newly unsealed divorce records of Oklahoma City mayoral candidate Dr. Ed Shadid.

The Oklahoma County Court Clerk says he has never experienced such scrutiny over divorce records. The court papers are not painting a pretty picture for Shadid. Political experts say this will, no doubt, damage his campaign.

The divorce records give specifics into the councilman's past with illegal drugs. Shadid admitted to entering a treatment program when he was 18 to seek help for addictions to marijuana, LSD and ecstasy. In 2006, Shadid's now ex-wife, Dina Hammam, claimed that a recorded conversation revealed Shadid desired physical harm for his children if he could not achieve sobriety.

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Hammam also told the court her husband choked her. Shadid denied the abuse claiming his Hammam hit him -- but that was then. Now, Hammam and Shadid appear to have a good rapport.

"My former husband, Dr. Ed Shadid, is not the same person," Hammam said during a campaign event Thursday.

Shadid's fight to keep his divorce records sealed went all the way to the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Shadid says he wanted the records sealed to protect his children.

"My relationship with Dina today is the example of the gifts of recovery," Shadid said one day before the records were released. "Today, I'm asking the people of Oklahoma City for your forgiveness as I've asked God for the same."

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The Oklahoman newspaper led the charge in unsealing Shadid's divorce records. Shadid claims the newspaper's digging is not in the name of journalism but rather a personal attack.

"When a newspaper suppresses information about its friends but goes to all length to inflict maximum political harm to its opponents, then the goal is to silence dissent," said Shadid.

Judge Lisa Hammond allowed the Oklahoman to review the records before other media outlets. On Friday, while journalists were reviewing the documents, the newspaper held court transcripts following its initial review. News 9's request to review those particular transcripts before our deadline was denied.

News 9 also looked at Mayor Mick Cornett's divorce records. No allegations of scandal, abuse or illegal drug use were found.

Shadid released the following message to News 9, Friday night:

"The allegation was unproven and disputed. I have no recollection of ever saying those words. The children's attorney, Dr. John Hall, psychologist and attorney found that I should have my children 50 percent of the time."

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