Residents Respond To Deadly Shooting At Norman Apartment

Sunday, February 16th 2014, 10:58 pm
By: News 9

A Norman family is stunned after they say they lost a loving, young father to a neighbor's bullet. Police arrested that neighbor Sunday and say the shooting started over a noise complaint.

Residents at the Cherry Stone Apartments in Norman say the fight went too far. Witnesses say one neighbor only wanted another neighbor upstairs to quiet down, but he did the opposite and got a gun and shot his neighbor five times.

"He just went psycho and lost it and went way over the line," said Chelsea Gifford, who was outside as the brawl unfolded quickly after 10 p.m.

Gifford says her normally nice next door neighbor, 22-year-old Ethan Spruill, who lived in the upstairs apartment #16, just snapped Saturday night.

"The wife came upstairs and asked if he could keep it down because she heard him stomping in his apartment and that's when he just went off," Gifford said.

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She says Spruill started cussing out Aaron McCray Jr.'s wife and kept poking her in the chest.

"He just lost it and started getting an attitude, being belligerent and she said ‘Don't touch me.' And it was just really horrible," Gifford said.

And as the wife goes back to her apartment, Spruill later followed with a gun.

"They wouldn't answer the door. I think Aaron was trying to be the bigger person and wait for the police to come," she said.

But Spruill kicked open the family's door and fired multiple shots, later killing 22-year-old Aaron McCray, father of two young children, ages one and two.

McCray's little brother Anteyveon Fewer wrote on Facebook, saying, "To see him there dead, at my age isn't okay. He bluntly shot my brother. I was at the hospital moments after, and it broke my heart to pieces to know someone could do this to my brother. My flesh and blood."

Norman Police booked Spruill into the Cleveland County jail Sunday morning on the complaint of first-degree murder. Police and the Medical Examiner's Office are still investigating. Meanwhile, neighbors say they're still in shock.

"You never know when somebody's going to snap like that. It just happened super fast,"Gifford said. "I couldn't imagine my husband being shot right in front of me and my kids being there."

Spruill is being held without bond. Formal charges are expected to come later this week.