Motorcycle Gang Accused Of Attacking Students In Stillwater

Friday, August 1st 2014, 10:43 pm
By: News 9

An out of control knife fight breaks out in the middle of the streets of Stillwater, and it's all caught on camera.

It might be hard to listen to for some viewers, but it definitely gives an idea of just how intense this situation was.

It's about 1 a.m. just a block away from the Oklahoma State University campus. Blood curdling screams and gruff yelling catch the attention of just about anyone within a several block radius, including a man who does not want to be identified.

“They were fighting for their life,” he said. “It wasn’t just a bunch of trash talking. It was screaming out of fear and danger.”

He called 911, and also shot video with his cell phone of a wild and dangerous brawl taking place right in the middle of the intersection of 4th and Washington, a popular area for college students.

It involved several people including OSU students and two others, Donald McCuistion, known as “Hacksaw,” and Dianna Barlow. Witnesses say they're part of a biker gang that's been showing up on this strip lately and causing problems.

“They were the ones who were chasing the other people around the intersection,” he said. “They were the ones who were taunting. They were the ones who were trying to intimidate.”

On this night, it escalated. 

Police were quick to respond and took both McCuistion and Barlow into custody for assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery. 

On the bottom of the screen you can see people rolling around, and according to court documents, McCuistion is using a sharp "red handled utility knife" "to threaten to cut and stab" someone. It also states they, along with another man who may have run from the scene, are also grabbing another person by the neck and "repeatedly punching him in the face with force and violence."

It is just weeks from the start of the fall semester, and something folks around here want to go away.

“I’m concerned for my own safety if not other people,” a witness said. “College students or anybody.”

The Stillwater Police Department says they have seen more of a presence of biker groups, and they have had interactions with them in the past.