Judge Increases Bond For OKC Officer Accused Of Sexual Assaults

Thursday, October 2nd 2014, 11:33 am
By: News 9

A judge has increased the bond amount for an Oklahoma City police officer accused of sexually assaulting women on his patrol route while on duty. 

Daniel Holtzclaw, 28, is facing multiple felony counts including rape. So far, investigators have discovered a total of 10 women who said Holtzclaw forced them to perform sex acts on him. Two said he stalked them and raped them.

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Meanwhile, outside the courthouse, a group of protestors gathered with signs and flags demanding that Holtzclaw be held without bond.

Holtzclaw was out on $500,000 bond and was under house arrest with several restrictions, including wearing a GPS monitoring device. However, authorities said Holtzclaw has had one violation reported when he went to the doctor's office without clearing it first.

Due to the violation, a judge decided Thursday morning that Holtzclaw will spend 14 days in the county jail. The judge has also increased his bond from $500,000 to $609,000 for violating terms of house arrest and bond conditions.

The judge agreed that a bond should not be used as punishment. However, he said the court made it clear that Holtzclaw was going to have conditions, and that they were not followed. Mistake or not, the judge said it was a violation of the court's order.

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Prosecutors called detective Kim Davis to the stand, who said they have identified another victim. Davis said a probation officer called her and said one of the women he was monitoring told him she had been raped by an officer. The detective then met with the woman, who is on probation for drug convictions.

The woman said she was walking down N.E. 16th when Holtzclaw approached her in his car and checked her for warrants. When she came back clear, she said Holtzclaw offered to give her a ride home, but she declined. She said he then offered to give her a ride halfway, saying she didn't need to be walking at night.

The woman claims Holtzclaw then drove her to an abandoned school near Lottie and N.E. 16th, where he forced her to expose her breasts and touched them. 

According to Davis, the woman then claimed that Holtzclaw touched himself and forced her to perform sex acts on him. He also told her to turn around and he pulled down her pants so he could search her. The woman said that's when he raped her.

The detective said this is a woman they had identified and had been searching for since there was a record that Holtzclaw had run her name, checking her for warrants on June 18. And the GPS on Holtzclaw's police car matched the location where his car was at the time.

On cross-examination, Davis said she first came in contact with this victim on September 16. The alleged victim admitted she is a felon and did not make an initial report until after Holtzclaw's arrest and charges had been widely reported. However, Davis said a DNA test did not match up with Holtzclaw's DNA.

Davis said the victim, known as KL, did tell her boyfriend on June 18 that an officer assaulted her, and that he encouraged her to report it. But she claimed she feared the officer would come back and kill her.

State then called detective Rocky Gregory. He said they identified another victim, the youngest they've seen.

Gregory said both Holtzclaw and another officer responded to a group doing PCP off Lindsay, and that victim was taken into custody and taken to the hospital after biting down a vial of PCP.

Gregory said Holtzclaw was with the victim the entire time at the hospital. The victim claims Holtzclaw touched her breasts while she was in the hospital bed, and she claims Holtzclaw told her that her charges would go away if she cooperates.

The victim said Holtzclaw told her that he'd like to have sex with her. She said Holtzclaw put her hand on his crotch and forced her to perform oral sex.

According to Gregory, the victim also claims that Holtzclaw touched her inappropriately while she was in the hospital. Records show this all took place December 20, 2013.

During the testimony, Holtzclaw sat listening and did not react at all to the allegations. He just turned his head back and forth between the prosecutor asking the question and the detective testifying.

The victim is known as SH. She claims Holtzclaw also contacted her on Facebook, and that he made contact with her via Facebook from January to April . She said Holtzclaw even asked her to call him and he gave her his cell phone number.

The victim said they also met in person in January at her house. She claims on January 9, 2014 he came to her house while she was babysitting and she got in the car with him outside her home to talk about her pending charges.

According to Gregory, the victim said Holtzclaw kept asking her for sex and oral sex and exposed himself while they were talking about her charges, which she was hoping he could drop. She said she declined and left the car and went back inside her home.

The judge called in the next witness, Robin Wright, supervisor for Oklahoma County Court Services. She testified about terms of Holtzclaw bond and release.

Wright said on September 17, Holtzclaw left his home at 8:15 a.m., and went to a medical facility in Enid and returned home at 9:45 a.m. Wright said he did not contact their office about it, so a violation was filed. Wright said she did talk with Holtzclaw about it. He claimed he contacted his attorney's office and thought that's all he needed to do, although Wright said he was told what he was supposed to do before and after.

Defense called a witness, Beau Adams, bondsman related to Defense Attorney Scott Adams. He is currently Holtzclaw's bondsman. Adams said Holtzclaw did call him to let him know about the doctor appointment.

State prosecutors said Holtzclaw being out on bond has created a chilling effect on detectives being able to identify more victims and he claimed it is hampering the investigation. Prosecutors said the judge should put him back behind bars because he failed to do what he was told to do by judge and the court services.

Holtzclaw's attorney Scott Adams said bond should not be used as a punishment. He said Holtzclaw's family has put up an enormous amount of money. He agreed that Holtzclaw should have called conditional bond services for his eye appointment and said it was a mistake.

Adams said he is having Holtzclaw call conditional bond for every lawyer visit and doctor visit.