Search Warrants Revealed As OKC 'Pill Mill' Investigation Continues

Tuesday, January 27th 2015, 5:56 pm
By: News 9

A pain management doctor was placed at the center of a state investigation.

The Attorney General claimed Dr. Harvey Jenkins is operating a 'pill mill' out of his offices, Aria Orthopedics, near S.W. 89th Street and Western Avenue.

Based on the contents of a search warrant, authorities suspected Dr. Jenkins of everything from Medicaid fraud, to overprescribing, to possibly causing the death of a past patient. 

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Dr. Harvey Jenkins denied allegations he's running a pill mill. In a written statement, he said Aria Orthopedics is open for business even though it now has to be done the "old-fashioned way" without office computers or patients records..

Those items were seized by agents with the attorney general's office and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, Monday.

According to the search warrant, investigators visited Jenkins' office several times before the raid, undercover.

In each instance, investigators claimed the undercover agent posed as a patient and allegedly received prescriptions for pain pills, after 15 seconds spent with Dr. Jenkins in an exam.

"He did not conduct any type of physical examination ... just prescribed patients medication," investigators noted in the search warrant.

Jenkins was also accused of submitting claims for patients he didn't treat and still allegedly prescribed numerous medications.

"This really surprises me, I mean they were all professional," said Carol McKinley. She was in Jenkin's pain management program and called it a strict one.

McKinley said she and other patients were subject to close screening and random urine analysis, "If you're taking pills, they say we will call you and in an hour you have to come in for a count and they better always be there."

The affidavit also outlined a 2013 case where an Edmond woman, who had also been in Dr. Jenkins' pain management program, died from what the medical examiners said was 'probable acute morphine toxicity.'

The investigator noted that the woman's last two prescriptions were written by Dr. Jenkins.

Jenkins said he is surprised by the allegations and feels targeted because of his type of practice. "Physicians who treat patients with chronic pain are highly scrutinized," said Jenkins.

Authorities said the investigation is ongoing. No one has been arrested or charged in connection with the state investigation.

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