Seminole Students Walkout Of Class Over Those Against School Bond

Thursday, February 12th 2015, 6:26 pm
By: News 9

A new high school is the hot topic of Seminole. And it's the reason students walked out of class Thursday morning. They were protesting against those who do not want the new school that'll be funded by a new bond.

Signs supporting both sides of the argument pepper yards throughout town. Vote ‘Yes' and ‘No' we can do better.

On Thursday morning, dozens of students made their stance on the issue heard by walking out of the nearly 100-year-old building in the middle of the school day.

“The kids know it's time for a new building. That's why we saw that demonstration this morning,” said Jack Mattingly, a bond supporter.

Fourteen million dollars of the $19.6 million bond will be spent on a brand new high school just east of town.

“The people who are trying to pass this bond issue are just simply not being truthful with the voters that they can build this state of the art high school on the cheap,” said Rob Pryon, who is against the bond.

Pryon, a former school board member, said the issue with the bond extends beyond the building. He claims the 40 acres of land purchased for the school is too far removed from other campuses and is not safe.

But bond supporter Jack Mattingly said the students of Seminole deserve this new school.

“It's simple. Our high school is 80 years old. It's worn out. It's outlived its usefulness. It's a dangerous facility,” said Mattingly.

Pryon said there's a simple solution to the problem.

“Does it need improvement? Yes it does. The school board has got like $3 million dollars in the bank that they could do stuff,” he said.

Voters will make their decision on March 3.

School Superintendent Jeff Pritchard said there were repercussions for students who walked out of class to protest, but he would not tell us the exact punishment. He also said despite tension around the issue, he is glad the community is talking about the issue.