My 2 Cents: Another Tornado Touches Down In Moore

Monday, March 30th 2015, 10:47 pm
By: News 9

My jaw almost hit the floor last Wednesday when Jim Gardner and Sky News 9 HD captured yet another tornado tearing through Moore. I couldn't help but thinking, haven't those people already had more than their fair share of tornadoes?

I was down there in the middle of it the next day, and there was no pity party, no whining, and no surrender.

It was simply remarkable to see the people of Moore answer the call again.

Nobody had to ask volunteers to help at the tornado damaged Southgate Elementary school, they just started showing up at break of dawn with equipment and strong backs, many with plastic totes to empty out the classrooms and set up a temporary school at a church three miles away.

I talked to moms who brought their school-age children to the playground to pick up trash.

Three high schoolers bought pizza and then hamburgers with their own money and walked the streets handing them to people trying to clean up the damage to their homes.

They did it because people had helped them in previous tornadoes.

And although I did encounter one tornado victim who said she's had enough and is considering leaving, several pointed to the people helping them clean up and said, “This is why I stay in Moore.”

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.