Anadarko Boy, 6, Dies After Falling Into The River

Tuesday, April 7th 2015, 11:29 pm
By: News 9

A day at the park took a tragic turn for a family in Anadarko as one young child fell into a river. What happened next is heartbreaking. Emergency crews desperately tried to save the little boy after his mother called 911.

The reflection is deceitful, and the gentle trickle of water is even more deceiving.


"Ma'am, I need help at the park."

"At Randlett Park?"

"Yes. They said my son is in the water, and I don't see him."

Within minutes, police were there.

"I don't know where he's at. I just let him come over here and play across the street, and they said that he fell in the water, and I don't see him."

Six-year-old Ayddin Camargo's mother was across the street when Ayddin and his little sister walked over to the water. Ayddin fell in, and his sister ran to their mother for help.

"But when they got back to where the boy fell in, he'd already gone under the water, and they couldn't see him,” Anadarko Police Chief Jason Smith said.

But they did see something come up from the water; a bubble, a sign of hope.

"The officers kind of made a human chain and held each other down the bank,” Smith said.

They did that until they reached the water and finally Ayddin.

"He felt with his feet and then felt the child and pulled him up on the bank where he immediately started CPR,” Smith said.

A medical helicopter landed in a field in the park, but emergency crews couldn't get Ayddin stable enough to fly him. So he was rushed to the hospital in town, but he didn't make it.

"We know the how, and we know what happened, but only God knows why,” Smith said.

Ayddin was a student at Sunset Elementary in Anadarko. Police believe this was a tragic accident.