Sharing Oklahoma with the world

Saturday, March 8th 2008, 4:57 pm
By: News 9

By Christian Price, INsite Team

Working at for the last several months has helped me fall in love all over again with journalism.

Every day I get to meet interesting people, go somewhere new and then turn around and share my experiences with the world.

As a reporter, I feel that many people, places and things get overlooked because of daily breaking news. I understand that certain information needs to get to the public, and that takes precedent. However, I feel that there are many untold stories around the state that deserve to be told.

The other day I went to western Oklahoma to shoot the last remaining sod house still standing in the state. Along my trip there, I kept noticing every town seemed to have its own personality. I just wanted to stop my car and talk to the first person I could find. After every bend in the road, there was another neat looking restaurant to eat at or a new landmark that told a story from the past.

Every town has that special event they host every year and people come from miles around just to experience it. I want to attend that festival. Every town has an artist of whom the community is proud. I want to talk to that artist and tell their story to the world. Every town in Oklahoma has a haunted house or haunted stretch of road that the local communities know. I want to be the person who stays at that haunted house and experience what it has to offer. Then post my findings on the internet.

I'm very proud of my home state and the people and places we have in it. I love educating people that there is more to Oklahoma than tornadoes and prairie grass.