Goin' to the chapel...

Monday, June 16th 2008, 10:53 pm
By: News 9

Goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married!  Okay, well, not me getting married, but I will be going to the chapel twice over the next two weeks to walk down the aisle as some of my dearest friends get married.  Yes, ladies, the bridesmaid dresses are attractive and my brides have not been bridezillas!

When Ashley (bride #1) called me about a year ago to ask me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding, I was at work on the news set.  Ed Murray was at the anchor desk preparing for his Noon show, and all of a sudden, he hears squealing from the Weather Center, and he sees me bobbing up and down as I bound around in an elated state.  Bless his heart, he looked up and thought I was the one engaged!  Instead, I yell out onto the set, "I'm going to be a bridesmaid for the first time!"  Ed laughed amenably and went back to marking scripts with a friendly shake of his head. 

Ashley's wedding is this Saturday back in my hometown in Georgia.  She and I grew up going to school together, all the way from elementary through high.  We were the best of friends, and along with Erica our other best friend, we made up quite a team of "Three Musketeers."  If you saw one of us, the others were usually nearby.  It's been several years since we were all in the same town at the same time, as our lives have moved us all out of state.  This will be a real treat to be united again.  All for one and one for all!

Wedding #2 is the following Saturday, and it is a union of two of my best friends from college, Scott and Michelle.  Incidentally, Michelle is from the Atlanta area originally, as well, but we didn't meet until college.  Scott and Michelle met in our meteorology program at the University of Oklahoma, and eventually one thing led to another, and voila!  Love!  They are two of the dearest people to my heart.  I can always count on Scott to make me laugh when I need it most, even if it means I need a humbling perspective about myself!  Michelle gets my silly humor and randomness so well, that we seem to almost read each others' thoughts at times.  It's scary, really.  Scott shakes his head a lot whenever Michelle and I get together!  But oh, how we laugh, and what a blessing that is!  They are two of my truest friends, and I am honored to participate in their wedding, standing up before the Lord and all the witnesses gathered to vouch for their union.

The next two weeks will be a whirlwind of activity, family time, friend time, and home time.  I am jam-packing this trip with as much as time will allow, and I will post some pictures from the events!  And if you have any good bridesmaid advice, feel free to email me at carrie.rose@news9.net

By News9 Meteorologist Carrie Rose, June 16, 2008