Check out our Crystal Ball

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:17 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Sep 29, 2009 9:40 AM CDT

Check out our Crystal Ball. I’ll do my best to provide a comparison between OU and its foe. More importantly, you can see some of the bells and whistles our Oklahoma Sports staff has at their disposal. Basically, I believe OU should be a slight underdog with Landry Jones at QB and a slight favorite with Sam Bradford.<br><br>Primary reason being OU is such a better team at home than on the road. The Stoops Era has seen a blistering home record of 62 and 2. The away from Norman record is 49 and 22. This number includes Texas games and bowl games. Still, no doubt that the Sooners pounce on people early and often on Owen Field.<br><br>But away from the Bennie Owen turf, it’s often a different tune. There is typically less energy and confidence. Many teams have similar issues, but at OU it stands out in part because they are so remarkable at home.<br><br>Uh-oh. Tiger got his cool $10 mil Fed Ex Cup payoff today. But Phil Mickelson feels better tonight. His new-found putting mindset and touch have helped every other aspect of his golf game. Meantime, for the second big-time event—PGA Championship and The Tour Championship—Tiger gave away a tournament.<br><br>This time to Mickelson—a guy he and Stevie have laughed at in the past for his inability to handle pressure. A guy who is impossible to not respect.<br><br>I’ve not been the biggest Mickelson fan. I’d DVR Tiger having lunch if I could. No bigger fan of Eldrick than moi’. But I’m now a Fill Fan. How can you not be? Wife comes down with cancer. Mom comes down with cancer. Doesn’t play. Has to look at Dave Pelz on a regular basis. I mean, this guy has been through the ringer.<br><br>He’s longer than Tiger, is putting better, gets up and down from parking lots, smiles while El Tigre grimaces, has more enthusiastic fans, and has dealt with the highest of highs (see Masters green jacket he wore for a month without taking it off) and lowest of lows.<br><br>On our Blitz show tonight I gave Phil a 33 percent chance of “catching up with Tiger” next year. Which I guess means I won’t be running to the racetrack window buying any ‘win’ tickets on anyone but the guy who will deposit that $10 very large tomorrow.<br><br>Thanks for checking in?DB <br>