Status of OU basketball not exactly brain surgery

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:20 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Jan 20, 2010 3:54 PM CDT

OU basketball analysis is simple

Several things seem apparent to me after watching OU blow a late-game lead and losing what would have been an excellent momentum-building upset at Texas A/M.

1. The team is improving but its upside is not very high and winning games on the road will be difficult and beating good teams at home will be just as difficult.
2. Willie Warren is hurting the team more than helping. His effort and defense and attitude must be driving Coach Jeff Capel crazy because I know it is with the knowledgeable fans.
3. Freshman point guard Tommie Mason-Griffin is a stud. He turns it over more that this team can allow but he can get to the basket and get a shot up anytime he chooses. If he can become more disciplined and keep out of Capel’s doghouse he can take a leadership road that is sorely missing.
4. Freshman center Tiny Gallon has a bright future but right now he  plays undisciplined, poor defense and fouls so much that he can’t be depended on when he needs to play 30 minutes.
5. The team plays with scant confidence which is a product of the problems listed above and more. Being a young team, losing their locker-room and the losses have helped lead to the problem (although I don’t have a problem with Capel’s decisions).
6. The young talent is very good and if their attitudes and effort improves and Capel doesn’t flee for a better job, good things are on the horizon.
7. Finally, it is imperative that in any completion , that you play smart, aggressive and with zero let-up from start to finish. Clear and simple, this team does not do that. The huge disappointment in Warren and the dependence on too many freshmen who have read too many press clippings does not help. Bottom line: OU must play harder and my reason for lack of near-term optimism is that this mentality does not happen overnight

Crowd support and attendance is still not what it needs to be. Crowds are not big enough or loud enough to to be the five-point advantage that this team could sure use This fact hurts in recruiting and is in some part the result of the growing popularity of the OKC Thunder.