View From the Sidelines...OU Beats Texas

Thursday, May 26th 2011, 1:27 pm
By: News 9

Originally Published: Oct 3, 2010 9:46 PM CDT

Theres just simply nothing like OU-Texas. I took my two boys, ages 12 and 10, and father with me this weekend to Dallas. All of them experiencing their first-ever Red River Rivalry. It was so fun watching them take it all in. Between the fair and the food and the flyover and the football...its almost more than the senses can handle for a kid (and for a grandpa for that matter).

- It looks as if the Sooners are determined to give their fans their moneys worth this year. Four of five wins by single digits, and yet more 4th-quarter drama against the Horns. When Winchester fell on that fumbled punt their was simultaneous jubilation and exhale on the OU sidelines. I wont argue with you that OU could beat Alabama right now. But I do know that its a lot more fun to be in the locker room with a team thats 5-0 than with one that is 2-3 like last year.

- The sidelines were crowded with celebrities Saturday. I talked to Adrian Peterson and Gerald McCoy and Anthony Kim on the sidelines. Ironically I chatted with AK moments before Texas punter John Gold shanked one into the Horns bench. It was cool to see Adrian and GK, but I think I was most in awe of Anthony. I towered over him. Hes a tiny dude. I mean maybe 510, but cant weigh more than 150. And he hits the ball a mile!!!!

- I thought something was up on the OU fake field goal. Jimmy Stevens started to run onto the field and Stoops called him back and sent in OHara. It was only a 41-yard field goal. Jimmy made a 42-yarder last week. There was little or no wind. If Jimmy thought he was kicking, and he obviously did because he was running on the field, why would he be called back for a 41-yarder? Red light! Red light! I think somebody on the Texas sidelines thought it was fishy too because they were all over the fake. I guess OHara must be a better receiver than Stevens. Ha! Can you imagine them throwing the ball to Jimmy Stevens?!? That would be awesome!

- Best moment of the day for me was talking to Travis Lewis while he was running around the stadium wearing the Golden Hat. Sheer joy.

- Good to see Tom Wort play a good game. His 4th quarter sack of Gilbert was a huge play. Wort took a beating from media and fans the last couple of weeks. He needed a solid game.

- The OU-Texas stage is supposed to be too big for true freshmen. But Kenny Stills and Trey Millard and Tony Jefferson and Aaron Colvin were nails. All of them made big plays. Tony Jefferson is the fastest closing tackler Ive seen. He has another gear.

- Jonathan Nelsons hip gave him trouble all day. The good news is that its a hip pointer which is more or less a pain threshold injury. Thats good because he is going to be vital on the backside of the Sooner defense.

- OU fans should send personal thank you notes to Jackson Jeffcoat for that 4th quarter personal foul. It led directly to Demarco Murrays touchdown that made it 28-10. Otherwise its 4th and 25 and OU is punting. Texas penalties killed them all day.

- If the OU game ever moves from the Cotton Bowl and the Texas State Fair, Ill cry. Ill literally go sit in the corner and cry. Its simply the greatest setting in American sports. What a great day.