First Witness Takes Stand in Bobbi Parker Trial

Wednesday, July 6th 2011, 9:39 am
By: News 9

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MANGUM, Oklahoma -- The first witness is now testifying in the Bobbi Parker trial.

OSBI Agent Robert Williams was assigned to investigate the relationship between Bobbi Parker and convicted killer Randolph Dial after they were found in 2005 at a Texas chicken ranch.

Williams said that the OSBI and Texas Rangers searched Dial and Parker's belongings left at the house. Williams recovered multiple items including mail, ammunition, weapons, a personal computer and erotic toys.

The prosecution said in its opening statement on Wednesday that by calling this witness, they hope to show that Parker and Dial were establishing life together as a couple, and that Parker was with Dial not because she was kidnapped.

In opening statements Wednesday, some of the mail Williams recovered was shown to the jury as having the names Richard Deahl and Samantha Deahl. These are aliases Parker and Dial were under while living in Texas.

The defense said this morning in opening statements that Parker did write letters and receive mail because she was doing what Dial told her to do in order for her and her family not to be harmed.

The defense's opening statements Wednesday mainly consisted of telling jurors how the defense will show jurors that Parker was held against her will, beaten, drugged and raped. Issacs also said Parker obeyed Dial faithfully not because she loved him, but because Dial had threatened to kill her and her children if she ever escaped or tried to escape.

On Wednesday, the judge cut off the defense after exceeding the 3 hour time limit both sides agreed to for their remarks.

Defense lawyer Garvin Isaacs told News9 during the lunch break that he was upset he was not able to finish his opening statements in full, but he understands that a time limit was set. He told jurors that he will bring up things he missed during cross-examination of witnesses.

Wednesday Issacs announced that Bobbi Parker will take the stand in the case, and she will testify that she has never had sex outside of her marriage.

"Just because you were raped, doesn't mean you are having sex," Issacs said.

Issacs said the trail will be very lengthy and noted at a lunch interview that the prosecution has called over 100 witnesses, and he intends to call over 20 himself.

The defense noted to the judge before opening statements Tuesday that 13 key witnesses have died between the time of the escape and the time of the trial.

Issacs said in opening statements Wednesday morning that Parker was raped, but never had sex with Dial.

Parker and Randolph Dial disappeared Aug. 30, 1994, from the Oklahoma State Reformatory where her husband was deputy warden. Parker and Dial were found at a chicken ranch in Campti, Texas, in 2005.

Prosecutors allege Parker fell in love with Dial and helped him escape. But defense attorneys say Dial was a manipulative sociopath who drugged, kidnapped, beat and repeatedly raped Parker and held her hostage for more than a decade.

Parker has pleaded not guilty to assisting a prisoner to escape.

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