Your 2 Cents: Are Oklahoma Legislators Overpaid?

Wednesday, July 20th 2011, 12:23 am
By: News 9

Kelly Ogle, News 9

Thirty-eight-thousand dollars a year, I don't think our legislators are overpaid.

I don't want any Oklahoman to be discouraged from running for the House or Senate because they can't afford to.

Here's what you had to say starting with Susan.

"For no more than they have done in the past few years, they get way too much pay."

But Jim writes: "I don't think they are paid too much, if they do their job. If they listen to lobbyists and not the people who elected them, then they are paid too much."

Gema says: "I disagree with you Kelly - that much money for 4 months of so- called work is overpay..."

CL adds: "They actually work too much. The Texas Legislature is only session every two years and we constantly compare ourselves and state how much better things are in Texas."

From Charles: "To say they do not make enough is kind of wild as the last 20 years have shown that to be in office, you have to have the wealth AND connections to get in. Sorry, but you are wrong on this."

Finally this from KK:"...if the legislators were paid by the hour an average of what all of Oklahomans make per hour then they could call themselves honest citizens of Oklahoma. Until then they are overpaid."