NBA Players Miss Out On First Paycheck

Tuesday, November 15th 2011, 4:57 pm
By: News 9

Everyone loves pay day. But for hundreds of NBA players across the country the first paycheck of the 2011-12 NBA season isn't making the bank.

Most NBA players would have received their first paycheck around Nov. 15, but after rejecting the leagues latest offer and with no further negotiations in sight, paydays are put on hold.

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According to paychecks for most players begin around Nov. 15 for the first games of the season with the second coming at the end of the month or the first of December.

Basically, by the end of the month 1/12th of this year's salary is gone for most players and with no negotiations scheduled or expected in the near future, players as well as NBA cities as well as arena employees and small businesses will also be taking a hit.

If you apply the 1/12th math to some of this year's salaries for Thunder players the numbers are staggering.

Kevin Durant, whose 2011-12 salary is more than $13.6 million, misses a November paycheck of $1,133,645.

Russell Westbrook misses a check for $423,534 while Kendrick Perkins misses out on $593, 635 and Nick collision is out $272,749.

Other NBA stars like Kobe Bryant skip a November paycheck of $1,051,832, Lebron James is out $667,603 and reigning champ Dirk Nowitzki misses out on a $795,535 paycheck.

Besides the players though, many others are suffering from the effects of the lockout. Cities and downtown areas where the arenas are located take a hit because of the loss of business that comes in from fans going to the games. Not to mention the employees that depend on the season for employment to pay their bills. Oklahoma City claims it will lose $60 million if Durant and the Thunder don't have a season this year.

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The opportunity for a resolution looks grim but since the players union has filed an antitrust lawsuit instead of decertifying there is still a glimmer of hope for a season if the two sides can find any type common ground to negotiate on.