Jurors Deliberate In Trial Against Man Accused Of Shooting OK Deputy

Friday, December 7th 2012, 12:50 pm
By: News 9

The fate of a man accused of shooting and robbing an off-duty Oklahoma County deputy is now in the hands of a jury.

Christopher Baker stands accused of shooting Major John Waldenville in the face, even though his defense attorney claims the state has the wrong guy.

The jury has been deliberating since 2:30 p.m. Friday. Jurors have a lot of evidence to go over before they render their verdict.

Christopher Baker said nothing as he was led out of the courtroom to wait for their decision. His family also had nothing to say.

During closing arguments Friday, prosecutors reminded the jury that this was a story about two men trying to make money. One, a hardworking Sheriff's Deputy who was working a second job at Cattleman's to support his family. And the other was Christopher Baker, who the state says admitted he needed money and was willing to shoot major John Waldenville to get it.

Bakers attorney again told the jury that the state has the wrong man and that it was Baker's partner in crime who pulled the trigger.

Now, the family of Major John Waldenville is also anxiously awaiting the jury's decision before they make any comment.

The state has rested its case in the Christopher Baker trial. On Friday, they finished up testimony with their last witness, one of the Oklahoma City police homicide detectives who handled the police investigation into the shooting.

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Baker's attorney says Keonte Prince had a beef with Christopher Baker because Baker did not give him his money and was going to get even. The defense attorney also called into question some of the witness testimony presented by the state. Specifically the testimony by Joshua Rinken, who was in jail for the attack on Oklahoma City police officer Chad Peery. He claims Rinken had selfish motives when he testified that Baker told him in jail that he shot major Waldenville. He says Rinken made a deal with the state for his testimony and that he only did it to benefit himself.

The Defense called no witnesses. Instead, Baker's defense attorney raised issues with some of the prosecution's witnesses and their testimony, as well as some of their evidence.

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Baker's attorney also brought up how Keonte Prince, under oath, said Deonte Williams, a third person implicated in the shooting, was involved, but then recanted his statement - proof that he falsely accused Williams.

A strategic move by Baker's attorney to have the jury call into question whether Christopher Baker may have been falsely accused by Prince as well. The prosecution had introduced a transcript from Prince where he had testified that Baker was the gunman and did indeed shoot Waldenville.

Charges against Williams were dismissed after Keonte Prince admitted to lying on the stand.