FBI Arrests OKC Man For Internet Threats Against Wyoming City

Tuesday, January 15th 2013, 10:01 pm
By: News 9

Federal agents arrested an Oklahoma City man after his Internet threats put all of the schools in one Wyoming county on lock down.

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The FBI says the suspect threatened to attack Casper, Wyoming using small caliber handguns and other weapons. Now, investigators are trying to figure out why he was targeting the Wyoming city. Officials say the threats were random and the suspect apparently has no connection to the city or state.

Thirty-four-year-old Glenn Allen Kirkham was booked into the Grady County jail Monday evening. He remains in federal custody.

"We certainly felt that immediate action needed to be taken," special agent Rick Rains with the FBI said.

Kirkham was arrested hours after federal agents say he posted a plan on an Internet blog site to cause mass violence in Casper, Wyoming within a one to two hour time period.

"The threat prompted numerous calls to the Casper, Wyoming police department," Rains said.

The threat also prompted all schools in the area to go on lock down.

The Casper Star Tribune reports, that following the threat, the county's emergency management agency activated a notification system that alerted roughly 30,000 people and businesses. The paper also reports Kirkham referenced kitchen knives, his own vehicle and several guns as weapons to be used in the attack.

"The point was that it was not going to be done with assault rifles," Rains said.

No more than two hours after Wyoming authorities alerted the FBI in Oklahoma City, agents were able to trace Kirkham's IP address and pay him a visit.

Kirkham is not believed to have a criminal history or mental issues.