Edmond Releasing Video About Increased Police Presence at Schools

Wednesday, February 13th 2013, 8:45 pm
By: News 9

Police are ramping up their presence in Edmond Public Schools.

Right now, the city is shooting a video to let families know exactly how it's keeping kids safe.

After the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Edmond Police started putting more officers on school campuses, especially elementary schools.

In fact, officers now end their afternoon shifts on a school campus. They're hoping this new video will show parents what they're doing to keep their kids safe.

Edmond Police know the value of having school resource officers on campus, walking the halls and building relationships with students.

"Students getting to know the SRO, it's a positive relationship," Edmond Police Capt. Tim Dorsey said. "They feel like they've got an issue or concern, they already know somebody there."

The city has five full-time school resource officers at Edmond middle and high schools.

Wednesday, the city films an SRO at Edmond Santa Fe as part of a new video to be released next week.

The goal is to help parents understand the variety of ways they're increasing security.

"We realize how important everyone's kids are. Most of us have kids in Edmond schools, and we know their safety is a top priority, so we feel like this is where we need to be," Capt. Dorsey said.

Edmond PD is now assigning more officers to schools. They're becoming more familiar with not only students and teachers, but the layouts of each school. That's vital information, police say, when responding to an emergency situation.

"In case there is an incident there, it's not the first time they're getting called to that school," Capt. Dorsey said. "They're very familiar with it, it's part of their district assignment. They have some ownership in it and the kids that are there."

Police say they've gotten a lot of positive feedback from parents in the past few weeks. An officer even had a letter left on his patrol car from a parent thanking him for being at the school.

The City of Edmond will post the video on its website next week, and the district will send it out to parents too.