Officials Present Plan To Make Oklahoma Public Schools Safer

Tuesday, March 5th 2013, 5:25 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

There were two security scares this week at schools across the metro. Now, there is a plan to make our public schools safer.

The Oklahoma School Safety Commission has been studying school safety issues for six weeks and Tuesday afternoon presented their findings.

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The commission of 22 members including law enforcement, school personnel and mental health professionals was established after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

"My understanding is we are the first state to do this," said Lt. Governor Todd Lamb who was asked to chair the commission.

The commission's findings included five recommendations:

1) The formation of the Oklahoma School Security Institute. This will serve as a resource for schools across the states and allow the conversation on school security to continue.

2) Establishment of a Mental Health First Aid Training Pilot Program.

3) Schools will be required to conduct intruder drills.

4) School administrators will be required to immediately report to police when they discover a firearm.

5) A School Security Tip line will be established.

"The goal is not just so we can be proud of ourselves, but number one we're protecting our students, protecting our legislators that are in the classroom today, but we are doing it so well, so well that Oklahoma is the standard and the model for other states," Lamb said.

The recommendations will now be written into four Senate Bills. The Lt. Governor says he is hopeful they will be passed this session.