Locals React To Westmoore Teacher Accused Of Offering Alcohol, Drugs To Students

Thursday, April 18th 2013, 8:43 pm
By: News 9

A Westmoore High School coach and trainer are suspended after being accused of hosting a party with drugs and alcohol for students.

In our first exclusive, we heard a phone call between the coach and a student who allegedly attended this party. During that call the coach asked the student if everyone was "sticking with the story." Only on 9, Lisa Monahan shares a recording of the coach asking a parent to help her out of the situation.

"I just wanted to talk to you about what's going on," said the coach.

"OK," said the mother.

The mother agreed to talk with the Westmoore High School Cheer Coach accused of supplying drugs and alcohol to at least 10 girls during a cheerleaders' party at her home on April 6. The mom recorded her conversation.

The coach can be heard saying, "I'm just asking if you can just work with me on this so that we can overcome it." The parents says, "What are you wanting me to say, that it didn't happen?" 

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The coach proceeds to ask the parent to help her out of the situation saying ,"If it goes bad, then I'm facing jail time and I have two children and a job I can lose."  

The coach and a trainer were suspended due to the allegations filed in an Oklahoma City Police report. In the report, officers indicate "the teacher opened a Smirnoff and had all of the girls take a drink and pass it around" and some of the girls left to go "smoke some weed."

The coach is also accused of leaving the girls alone in her home. News 9 stopped by the house, but were not able to talk with the coach. Over at Westmoore High School, a lot of people are talking.

News 9 caught up with Janet Briner and her daughter Alexandria Anderson after school.

"Those in authority doing something like that, it shouldn't happen," said Briner.

"That would make me really upset, and I would be like, ‘Wait, hold up, this is wrong,'" said Anderson.

Based on the recorded phone conversation, it seems the coach agrees.

During the call the parents says, "Very unwise mistakes were made the entire night" to which the coach replies, "You're right."