Debris Pick Up To Begin For Tornado-Stricken Area Of South OKC

Thursday, May 30th 2013, 3:36 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City contractors will begin collecting trees, limbs and building material that have been moved to curbs in tornado damaged neighborhoods of south Oklahoma City starting Monday, June 3.

Any debris that homeowners place behind the curb will be collected and disposed of at no cost to the property owner.

"We know from experience that residents want the tornado debris removed quickly from their property," Mayor Mick Cornett said. "The City is committed to doing everything we can to remove and help rebuild our south Oklahoma City neighborhoods."

City contractors will make two sweeps through affected neighborhoods, beginning with the most heavily damaged areas.

For homeowners or renters whose homes were severely damaged or destroyed:

Oklahoma City homeowners and renters whose homes were severely damaged or destroyed are advised to call the Oklahoma City Storm Debris Line at 297-1030 to get details about debris removal. Approximately 450 homes were destroyed in Oklahoma City on May 20.

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City officials were advised by FEMA that City-hired contractors can remove and haul off destroyed homes. Homeowners and renters will need to sign a right-of-entry agreement before contractors can clear their property. City staff will let homeowners know before their debris is removed so they can salvage property as the debris is being moved.

Homeowners also have the option of hiring a private contractor to remove and haul off their destroyed homes.

Contractors will be required to get a permit prior to demolition work, but the fees will be waived for those affected by the tornado. The City's Utilities department will assist residents by disconnecting their water and sewer lines prior to demolition.


Oklahoma City officials recommend residents separate household hazardous waste such as paint, fertilizer, pesticides, pool chemicals, household cleaners etc., from other debris when it's safe to do so. Household hazardous waste placed behind the curb will be picked up by City crews.


City crews are working to replace street and stop signs on major intersections and in neighborhoods in tornado affected areas.


City contractors are encouraged to recycle computers, refrigerators, washing machines and concrete to reduce the amount of debris that goes to the landfill.


Commercial property is not eligible for this debris removal program. However, any debris placed behind the curb will be collected and hauled off at no cost to the property owner by City contractors.


Whether you're a homeowner, business owner or a volunteer, it's important to remember these safety tips while cleaning up tornado-damaged property:

• Get a tetanus shot

• Wear sturdy shoes or boots with no open toes

• Wear gloves and a dust mask

• Have a first aid kit handy

• Apply sunscreen

• Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

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