Man Arrested For Allegedly Watching Woman In Porta-Potty At OKC Park

Friday, July 12th 2013, 8:22 pm
By: News 9

A woman says she caught a man looking at her while she went to the bathroom at Will Rogers Park. Police say the guy was looking into a hole cut through two side-by-side Porta-potties.

The victim was here the park and had to go to the bathroom and that's when she came over to the porta-potties. Once she got inside and sat down she noticed someone peeking at her through this hole, that's when she got up to leave.

Once she got outside she quickly went over to her car where she called police right away.

Oklahoma City Police say 50-year-old John Dugan was caught spying on at least one woman using a porta-potty at Will Rogers Park near NW 36th St. and Portland on Thursday.

Dugan was apparently inside this porta-potty looking through a hole cut out of the side of it and the unit next to it. Police asked Dugan what he was doing there, but they say he gave varying stories.

OKC Police arrested Dugan and threw him in jail on one count of peeping tom.