Your 2 Cents: Special Privileges For Veteran Inmates

Tuesday, March 25th 2014, 11:12 pm
By: News 9

The man called the Toughest Sheriff in America, Joe Arpio of Maricopa County Arizona, is showing a soft spot for veterans. Setting up a special unit in his cell and providing extra help for military veterans, who've gotten in trouble with the law. I think they deserve it. Some of you disagree.

Gerad for one:

"A criminal is a criminal. Dont matter if they were doctor, lawyer, pharmisist, or soldier.

And Rhonda added:

"I'm sorry if they have done something wrong or criminal they dont deserve any privileages."

Pamela agreed with me:

"..they deserve first priority in funding and any necessary treatment."

Kim asked:

"Would you be saying that if the inmate raped a little children and killed them?"

No, but Kim those people are mainly in prisons not jails.

Eugene said:

"Kelly your right. If we don't help them, why did they risk their lives for us?"

From Mickey:

"An inmate is an inmate is an inmate.....thanks for serving....too bad your a thief, murderer, wife get the picture. PTSD excuse only gets you so far. I served 8 years Army.."

Finally, Diane wrote:

"Oh yes they do deserve special treatment....more than likely, their problems stem from fighting ithe war!! No matter, they still served our country while we were on facebook expressing our opinion of something we probably know nothing about!!"