Logan County Wildfire Forces Residents From Homes

Monday, May 5th 2014, 7:51 pm
By: News 9

Frightening moments in the last 24 hours for many Guthrie residents as the growing wildfires were spreading quickly through their neighborhoods. Dozens were forced to evacuate their homes.

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Residents near Briarwood Lane and Post Road have been on edge since Sunday night's wildfire outbreak. That's when police officers showed up and told them to evacuate because the fire was getting close.

"It's definitely a scary situation, to think that your house may or may not burn down in any moment," said Emily Bellamy, one of the evacuees.

In a moment's notice longtime Guthrie residents were asked to pick up and go.

"The Highway Patrol showed up probably around 9:30 or so and told us we had approximately 15 minutes to pack some things and get out," said evacuee Dana Dye.

Emily Bellamy, 15, and her siblings were able to stay home from school and pack since their bus route was covered in smoke.

"You know it was really crazy you know you had to find everything that you needed the things that were important and things that weren't, just grab everything," Bellamy said.

Neighbors packed all their keepsakes, toiletries and clothes inside their cars and then waited in their vehicles for hours.

"I think the scariest part is just not knowing if you're going to have anything left," Dye said.

The Bellamy family waited on top of their roof hoping the smoke would pass soon. Meanwhile, helicopters came back and forth through the neighborhood dropping down water.

"We're just ready to see all of this clear out of here," Dye said. "This is just a nightmare that after being out here 28 years we would've never thought you would've come across."

Much of the smoke has cleared, and many of the residents have started to go back into their homes hoping that the fire does not threaten their neighborhood again.