String Of Vehicle Break-Ins Has Edmond Residents On Guard

Monday, September 28th 2015, 5:27 pm
By: News 9

Edmond police reported seven break-ins in 18 minutes at Edmond parks on Saturday.

Investigators think the person responsible was lurking in parking lots, waiting to strike.

Shards of glass from car windows glisten in the parking lot of the Edmond Dog Park. Evidence left behind from the multiple break-ins over the past few months. Over the weekend, it happened again, at Mitch Park, Hafer Park, and the dog park.

“We feel like this is a specific person or group that is targeting areas that are very popular in our city and times of day that are popular,” Edmond police spokeswoman Jenny Monroe said.

And knowing someone could be watching is alarming to Devon Hill who was at the dog park every day.

“I usually leave everything, and yes, now that you're saying that there are things that I leave in my car,” Hill said.

Cars in the parking lot are not easily seen from the park, making them prime targets.

“That makes me a little bit more concerned,” Hill said.

Edmond's crime spike now has park visitors more aware of what, if anything, they leave behind in the car.

Police said all the burglaries appear to happen the same way, a back window gets smashed out and a purse or valuable tucked under the seat are taken within seconds.

“We specifically have been watching the dog park here in Edmond because that is an area where people specifically don't want to bring their belongings into the dog park,” Monroe said.

Edmond police are boosting park patrols and security in hopes of busting those responsible. Investigators also have several active leads they are currently following.