Authorities Issue Travel Alerts About Possible Terror Attacks Ahead Of Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 24th 2015, 5:36 pm
By: Grant Hermes

There are new alerts from authorities this week about possible terror attacks at the start of the holiday season. The season is a peak season for crowds of shoppers and travelers making for big targets for terrorists.

Since the attacks in Paris two weeks ago, the possibilities of attacks in the U.S. have risen. Threats on major American cities like New York City and Washington D.C. have forced law enforcement to step up security ahead of holiday travels. That heightened vigilance is no different in Oklahoma.

“Law enforcement will be out during the holiday weekend or the holiday period. We encourage people if they see something that doesn't look just right or a little suspicious. Notify law enforcement,” said Cpt. Paul Timmons of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

In Oklahoma more than 600,000 people will take to the air, roadways and railways for Thanksgiving, and 90 percent will be behind the wheel and in the OHP’s jurisdiction.

According to AAA, 548,500 motorists, 49,150 air passengers and 9,750 mass transit travelers will make a holiday journey this year. Those numbers are up among drivers and flyers, but down only slightly for trains and buses.

 “… [O]n the interstate, city streets, we encourage people to call law enforcement, rather than deal with it themselves or blow it off because you just never know,” Timmons said.

The FBI says they haven't had any specific credible threats in the Sooner state so far. But Special Agent Terry Weber, an agency spokesperson, said on Tuesday in an email, the Bureau works with local law enforcement and “the FBI routinely shares information… in order to assist in protecting the communities they serve."

Amtrak, which has a line running between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, Texas, said it will also be stepping up its security. A national spokesperson said they would be using K9 dogs at highly traveled areas around the country.

Travel experts advised anyone making plans to travel over the holiday should allot extra time, eliminate distractions from driving and obey travel laws to help make the season run a little smoother.