Putnam City Teacher In Hot Water After Showing Students ‘Suicide Video’

Thursday, December 3rd 2015, 7:09 pm
By: News 9

By Aaron Brilbeck, News 9

PUTNAM CITY, Oklahoma - Some parents at Mayfield Middle School in Putnam City aren't very happy after a teacher showed their children a video about suicide without their permission, and without the blessing of the district. 

One parent told News 9 the video was so upsetting, it left her daughter traumatized.

A district spokesman said there is a program in place to discuss teen suicide with students, but the video was not part of that program. 

“This is not a video that was part of the curriculum for the program. So in that way, that’s a problem,” said Putnam City School District Spokesman Steve Lindley. 

Lindley could not explain why parents were not offered an opportunity for their children to opt out of the class. 

“[I] don’t know why. It’s been done there before, but it just didn’t happen this time,” Lindley said. 

Parents News 9 spoke with say they want their children to learn about suicide prevention, but they want a say in what is taught. 

“I mean, I know they’re here to learn stuff here at school, but if it’s something I prefer my children not to watch, then I’m not going to show my children that,” said one mother, who only wished to be identified as “Melissa”.

Lindley said, because he hasn't seen the video, he can't share it. He assured us, though, that the teacher who played the video for students has been talked to.