Steve's Travel Blog: Been There Done That

Monday, December 7th 2015, 11:27 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City is heading back to Memphis and Utah this week after playing both last month on the road. For a traveling reporter with camera equipment and then some it happens to be two locations that are easy to maneuver around.

In Memphis I'm staying right across the street from the FedEx Forum and ditto for the game in Salt Lake City Friday night. Having a hotel within walking distance is key to help with the excess baggage, hopefully this time it will not be raining after the Memphis game. I was drenched last time in Memphis; no hands to hold an umbrella and two short of a cab drive since my hotel that night was only two blocks away. 

If time permits, another stop at City Blues Cafe on Beale Street will be in the works. The Ribs are fantastic!

Big Downtown

My trip to Atlanta last week was filled with minor issues. I will keep the problems (which were many) down to one. I took a cab ride from my hotel to Matt Pinto's (Thunder) hotel for a Q and A segment for the Oklahoma Ford Sports Blitz. I never realized how spread out downtown Atlanta really is. I told the cab driver I was pushing the deadline, so out of a stop light he floors the cab. My camera just happened to be on the floor board of the car and it went flying to the back or close to it when he punched it.  My camera survived, but my bracket on top of the camera which holds the light didn't make it.

You got to make it work right? So I tipped the bell hop six dollars to hold the light by my camera while I interviewed Matt, it worked, but one more problem, about halfway through the interview the guy accidentally bumped the camera and Matt and I were barely on the view finder at the end of the segment, but as I always say "Life Goes On".

I-95 Express Lane

I stayed in Fort Lauderdale for OKC's matchup with the Heat in Miami last week. An Arts Festival (heavily attended) raised the hotel rates in South Beach/Miami Beach, so I did my best to avoid high price tag at the hotels and the traffic.

I was worried somewhat about the drive from Fort Lauderdale to Downtown Miami (45 minutes) for practice and the game.  I-95 just happens to have an express lane on the left side of the highway pretty much from Fort Lauderdale to downtown Miami, I stayed left and passed about 300 cars on the right stuck in the other 4 lanes of I-95 on both days. What a great invention, now if we could do something about the rain. I believe I witnessed the sun for about 2 hours in the 3 night stay in Fort Lauderdale.