Ambulance Company Shuts Down Without Notice, Employee Says

Tuesday, December 8th 2015, 10:57 pm
By: News 9

A metro ambulance company abruptly shut down and left more than a dozen employees with bounced paychecks.

EMS Plus in northwest Oklahoma City ceased operations without warning last week, and now the owner is nowhere to be found.

Officials with the Dallas-based company say it had to close the Oklahoma City office because the managers weren't following state guidelines.

“We understand people fall on hard times. We understand things happen, but to do it in that fashion was kind of cold-hearted to us,” Jennifer Terrett said.

Terrett had already worked a full shift Nov. 30 when she received a text message from a co-worker.

“And she said, 'sorry, effective at 5 p.m. we’re closed,'” Terrett said.

She said they received no notice, no warning, nothing. Terrett and 17 other employees were told to leave.

“It was not anything, ‘Hey, we may be closing at the end of the month,’ you now, give us notice,” Terrett said. “I was at work Monday; didn’t have a job Tuesday.”

And she said many of them haven't been paid for weeks.

For some of these first responders, now without a job at all, this isn't the first time their paychecks have been no good.

“It just kept progressing into kind of a little bit more serious, you know, more employees were included every single time,” she said.

EMS Plus also has a Tulsa-area office, but before a merger, it was Guardian EMS.

Tuesday night though, the Oklahoma City office is empty as three ambulances sit outside.  

“We stayed loyal and ran calls and worked overtime when they needed us to do it,” Terrett said.

She said they're desperately trying to get answers and their money.

“They’re not answering the phone, they’re not giving us any information,” Terrett said.

News 9 was not successful in getting in touch with Matthew Davis. News 9 was told he is, or was the owner of Guardian-EMS, now EMS Plus. 

Davis is believed to be in the Dallas area.