Girl's Tricycle Saved By OKC Police Officers

Monday, December 21st 2015, 7:11 pm
By: News 9

Two Oklahoma City police officers took on a touching project that changed the life of a metro girl and weren’t going to say a word about their good deed.

But the mother they helped said what the officers did for her daughter this Christmas could not go unnoticed.

When 12-year-old Brianna Searcy is on her tricycle, she's free; free from her illnesses and from suffering.

Those moments are few and far between, but for her, it's tunes and a trike that bring her pure bliss.

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“We cherish all these minutes we can get,” her mom Tammy said.

Brianna has autism and a severe form of epilepsy, experiencing 60 plus seizures a day.

“She quits breathing and her heart stops. It gets that bad,” Tammy explained.

So when a passerby caught a thief on camera taking Brianna’s trike from the backyard, some of her joy went with it.

“Stealing period is ridiculous but to steal from a child especially a special needs child, I don’t understand,” Tammy said.

The thief banged it up pretty badly in the process of stealing it and by the time it was recovered, it was unusable.

And when Oklahoma City detective Craig Files found out it was a very expensive, specially made therapy bike that would cost the family thousands to replace, he went to Lt. Mike Jackson for help.

“He said is there something we can do? And I said, ‘Hell yeah, there’s something we can do. We can fix it. We’ll take care of it,'" Jackson said.

Jackson said he was touched personally by this, he also has a child with special needs.

“It’s Christmas. For that little girl that bike means everything,” he said about helping Brianna.

So the police department's bicycle unit and a local business teamed up to completely repair her tricycle, going beyond the badge to give Brianna her bliss back.

The juvenile suspect was picked up the same day of the theft by police.