OKLAHOMA CITY - Two Oklahoma City police officers saved the day when they fixed a damaged therapy trike for a young girl suffering from a rare disease.

The Oklahoma City Police Department shared this story on its Facebook page after the girl’s mother Tammy contacted them. Tammy, a mother of five, said her 12-year-old daughter Brianna suffered from Dravet Syndrome that that causes her to have up to more than 60 seizures daily. She also has Autism, so she doesn’t really talk much and can’t play with many things.

Tammy said Brianna's therapist came up with a therapy trike that she could actually ride. However, recently, a group of teenage boys dragged the trike over the family’s back fence and stole it.

A family happened to be in the area and they caught the entire incident on video. Tammy said they were able to get her trike back and call 911. However, Brianna’s trike was damaged to the point she couldn’t ride it anymore and it would cost $3,500 to $5,000 to replace it.

Tammy said she was devastated because she wouldn’t be able to afford to replace the trike. That’s when an officer assigned to the case, Detective Files, spoke with his Lieutenant, Lieutenant Jackson, about the incident. Both officers then picked up the trike and fixed it free of charge.  

“These two men went way beyond their job and have no idea just how much it means to us. Brianna went riding down the driveway the second they drove off just squealing with excitement. So please acknowledge these officers and I am also contacting the Chief with our story as these officers deserve recognition for their wonderful act of kindness,” Tammy said in a message to the department.

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