Attorneys Respond After Daniel Holtzclaw's Sentencing

Thursday, January 21st 2016, 7:59 pm
By: News 9

Daniel Holtzclaw was sentenced to serve 263 years in prison Thursday afternoon. He’s convicted of sexually assaulting black women while on duty.

It was an emotional day for both sides of the courtroom.

Daniel Holtzclaw’s defense attorney told News 9’s Lisa Monahan they prepared him for every outcome at sentencing, and that their fight is far from over.

The victims say they finally got justice. They celebrated as deputies escorted Daniel Holtzclaw to jail.

A few victims even called it a victory after they took the stand and pleaded with Judge Timothy Henderson to uphold the jury’s recommendation and sentence Holtzclaw to serve 263 years in prison.

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“This is about the victimization of women no matter what color," said District Attorney David Prater.

DA Prater and his staff also asked for the time to be served consecutively and the judge honored that request.

“I appreciate the fact the judge looked at the public safety aspect of this and told victims in this case and other women in the community that this defendant will never be out there to victimize again,” said DA Prater.

“I’m a firm believer that people can be rehabilitated and they can get out and be productive members of society,” said high profile defense attorney Scott Adams. 

Adams represented Holtzclaw during the six week trial. He says despite the outcome of trial and sentencing, Holtzclaw maintains his innocence and plans to appeal.

“The fight is not over, actually the fight has just started for Daniel and the fight is going to be fierce," said Adams.

On the heels of this sentencing, an attorney representing five of the victims says they no plan to move forward with their civil lawsuits.