Norman Driver Freed After Being Trapped Between Live Electrical Wires

Friday, January 22nd 2016, 7:41 am
By: News 9

A Norman driver who became stuck between live electrical wires for over an hour is now free.  Only on 9, Reporter Justin Dougherty spoke with the driver who was trapped.

Working overnight as a Uber and Lyft driver, Paul Langston thought it was safe to drive on Classen until his car ended up tangled in live wires. 

Langston sent News 9 photos he took from the driver's seat while he was trapped. He said he had driven over Classen several times, but this last time near Lindsey, he heard a scratching sound outside his car, and then realized that was the sound of electrical wires wrapped around his tires.

Langston said he backed up and was untangled. But he was still trapped with wires touching his front and back bumpers.

Fire crews later told him someone must have hit the pole, knocking the wires down on the street. 

An OG&E crew showed up and cut off the power. Langston was then freed. He told News 9 he was never really scared, but he's had enough of this night.